1,750 Process in Prayer in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha, Wisconsin—A Unite Our Nation™ Eucharistic Procession and Patriotic Rosary Rally was held on Sunday, October 4. The procession was led by Fr. Sean Granger, the pastor of St. James and St. Elizabeth, two parishes located downtown Kenosha. According to event organizer, Mike Nuzzo, “St. James suffered damage and graffiti during the rioting. New doors got installed just days before our event. Fr. Sean was reaching out to the Archbishop for a Eucharistic procession at the same time we were doing the same, so we joined together, and we knew God had a plan.”

Other local pastors that attended were: Fr Robert Weighner – St. Anne, Fr Todd Belardi – St. Anthony, Fr. Dwight Campbell – Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Therese, Fr. Ireneusz Chodakowski – St. Peter, Fr. Joseph Lappe – St. Peter & Holy Rosary, and Fr. John Richetta – Retired Mt Carmel. Priests from beyond Kenosha attended as well, including Fr. Cliff Ermatinger and Fr. Richard Heilmann, and His Excellency Archbishop Jerome Listecki.

The event started with a wonderful concert of praise & worship music led by Rich Sosa, Anna Nuzzo, Michelle Metallo, Dave Rudd, Nicholas Mowry, and Jesse Gomez. Afterward, everyone processed through the streets, passing boarded-up businesses that still cringe with tension to see what the future holds. Patrons and business owners came out to see Jesus in the streets, and passersby pulled over or stopped on the sidewalk to kneel and join in prayer. 

“There was no negativity or push-back,” Nuzzo remarked. “The music carried through the streets floating along with us and into the hearts of all who heard it. While many did not understand what we were doing they all felt the true peace and prayer that only Jesus could bring. They all saw that Jesus could bring us, the lay faithful, out into the streets. Where we wouldn’t go, unless called by Him. They saw it and recognized it as something above the worldly problems we face today, and there was peace.”

In the park, everyone knelt and prayed the rosary—facing the courthouse that just weeks ago was surrounded by 8-foot fences and national guard troops, across from scorched pavement left from trucks arsoned by rioters. There, attendees knelt and prayed with leaders from all the local prayer groups and parishioners from Kenosha and beyond. After the rosary, Archbishop Listecki addressed the faithful and encouraged them to renew and strengthen their trust and hope in Christ. The final procession back to St. James was accompanied by a soul-filled violin duet of Amazing Grace, mingling with the whispers of prayers and the longing of hearts for the peace experienced now to endure on and on. Back at St. James Archbishop Listecki blessed everyone in Benediction and gave parting words. The event ended with “God Bless America” echoing through the streets, sung from every mouth with a renewed trust in the power of our Lord.

Reflecting on the day, Nuzzo noted “There is a courage within us that needs action to fire it up. Sometimes we think we need the courage to create the action but I think it works both ways. In being invited to take part in this procession I was constantly reminded of the graces and blessings God will bestow on us if we just take a simple step forward, trusting in Him. Being out on the streets with so many faithful, truly praying for peace and bringing the only solution, Jesus Christ, to ground zero of the destruction of our city, gave me hope and inspiration. That this procession is not an end but a beginning, a beginning to re-introducing Jesus to our nation who so greatly needs him. One step at a time.”

The Kenosha rally was planned in conjunction with Unite Our Nation. Unite Our Nation, founded by the laity, was formed to help bring peace and prayer to local communities, and healing to our nation. We are passionately patriotic, with a deeply-rooted love for America. We believe in the power of the Eucharist and the serenity of the rosary. In unison with our bishops and priests, we help the faithful plan processions throughout our country, as a balm to violence and fear. See more at UniteOurNation.net