Nearly 200 Gather in Procession and Prayer in Cashton, Wisconsin

Cashton, Wisconsin—A Unite Our Nation™ Eucharistic Procession and Patriotic Rosary Rally was held on Sunday, September 20 at Sacred Heart Catholic Parish. Nearly 200 parishioners and friends of Unite Our Nation processed on the streets with Our Lord, reciting the rosary and praying quietly. Fr. Michael Klos led the procession through the downtown streets.

Fr. Klos and his parish team organized the procession in a sign of Christian unity in a time of disunity on so many levels. “I have felt for some time that we need to do something spiritual to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and all its consequences — social and spiritual,” he told Catholic Tribune Wisconsin. “And since we have had the social unrest and the usual discord that comes with this time in the election cycle, all of which are food for the devil and his minions.”

Fr. Klos said he was impressed by Unite Our Nation’s procession in Madison and eager to emulate it.

“During the Lenten season I was doing parking lot masses in Cashton, the largest of my three parishes until we were shut down,” he said. “Happily, Mass in person was reopened on Pentecost Sunday and we’ve been doing pretty well over the past 16 weeks. However, I felt there was need for something more. I was greatly inspired by Bishop Donald Hying of Madison and the procession he led along with Archbishop Jerome Listecki. After discussing the matter with my deacon, we decided we should do this.”

The Cashton rally was planned in conjunction with Unite Our Nation. Unite Our Nation, founded by the laity, was formed to help bring peace and prayer to local communities, and healing to our nation. We are passionately patriotic, with a deeply-rooted love for America. We believe in the power of the Eucharist and the serenity of the rosary. In unison with our bishops and priests, we help the faithful plan processions throughout our country, as a balm to violence and fear. See more at