Organize a Eucharistic Processional Event

We have the game plan—all we need is you!

We get it, taking on the organization of a Eucharistic procession and rosary walk feels overwhelming. So thank you for even considering doing it. We firmly believe that with the help of the Holy Spirit—and our proven step-by-step approach—you’ll organize and run a successful event.

Is fear of the unknown holding you back? We made organizing your procession easy. Here’s how!
Mr. Randy Mack helped organize Unite Wisconsin. You can do it too!

Our turnkey program simplifies everything

We’ve assembled a step-by-step playbook that outlines roles, tasks and vital information. You won’t have to guess what to do next, or worry about missing a critical element.

You’ll also find multiple templates to simplify your communications: invitations, announcements, email sequences for sponsors and attendees, a press release, the procession rally script, signs to print with your local vendors, social media graphics and more. We packaged up our work and made it better—now you can make it your own. Find everything you need on the Resources page.

We ask you to download and review the playbook right now, along with the templates, and prayerfully consider taking the lead for your parish, city or state. You can do this!

Organize at a college or university

We have developed a playbook specifically for colleges and universities to plan a peaceful, prayerful procession and rosary, either on campus or within the local community.

Organize a procession and rosary at your parish

A playbook specifically designed for use by parishes. Simplifies the planning but still gives comprehensive guidance.

8 key steps for success

  1. Get the organizational playbook
  2. Assemble your leadership team
  3. Commit to praying for team success
  4. Identify the date for the Eucharistic Procession/Rosary Rally
  5. Register your procession on this website
  6. Develop a coalition of sponsors to help spread the word
  7. Create and implement a plan
  8. Develop a timetable and stick to the due dates

As Padre Pio said, “Don’t worry.” The playbook walks you through all steps in detail. You’ll also have access to the Unite Our Nation™ team to help promote your event through this website and with social media tools. We’ll give you turnkey PR support and templates for all your communications needs: a letter to your Bishop, how to work with law enforcement, soliciting sponsors and more.

All support materials are free thanks to the generous backing of committed Catholics who care about our country and believe we need prayer now more than ever.

We gather in prayer, not protest. it’s important to remember that these events are completely non-political. We’ll provide templates for One United Nation signage and encourage you to remind your attendees not to bring or wear political messages.

Are you the one He’s looking for?
Do you have a sacrificial heart
Are you willing to work hard for the glory of God
Do you have a sense of urgency
Can you put your faith into action

If you say, “I can, and we will, get this done” you’re ready!

Register Your Procession